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Property Services

Coriats have been assisting families and developers to acquire, improve, enjoy and dispose of valuable properties in the Turks and Caicos and around the world for decades. We are uniquely placed to pull together all of the complex ingredients in successful international real-estate transactions, and to structure holding arrangements that add value.

  • Our directors and trust officers have extensive experience in high-value acquisitions, financings and disposals. This can often make a significant difference in accomplishment of the desired deal.
  • Coriats work closely with real-estate professionals to anticipate and resolve issues arising in the course of purchase and ownership of property.
  • As a licensed financial institution, our services are often used in the capacity of Escrow Agents where there are significant funds to be safeguarded in the course of a transaction and paid away depending on the outcome.
  • Coriats can provide extensive financial accounting and reporting services to assist in the management of property, payment of expenses, and investment or remittance of proceeds.


Personal safety is often a vital element for prominent families, and we can co-ordinate security arrangements with specialist advisers.

Immigration and Naturalisation Services

Coriats have significant experience in identifying the right solution for clients who wish to obtain residence rights in a country other than their current place of residence, or to obtain citizenship of another country. We are also able to support clients who wish to reside permanently or temporarily in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Coriats are deeply committed to working in a compliant, ethical and professional manner as we believe it is in everyone’s interests to do so.

  • Global reporting requirements (CRS/FATCA/UK IGA) have recently introduced an added dimension to the ownership of international assets. Coriats has an experienced compliance team to assist with assessment and understanding of the relevant reporting implications.
  • We strongly recommend that competent tax advice be taken in all relevant jurisdictions to ensure that applicable requirements are met, and we can assist with this process.
  • As part of the G & P Group, Coriats also has access to and works closely with the leading international legal practitioners at Griffiths & Partners, who have significant experience in property, corporate and litigation matters.

Other services

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