Asset Services

Coriats has had responsibility in its trustee capacity for oversight of diversified investment and property portfolios for nearly four decades, and has real and demonstrable experience in working with investment managers, global custodians and independent performance analysts to maximise returns and to reduce costs.

Ethical Investing

Coriats has significant experience of ethical investing, and investing in businesses that operate with ecological, social and environmental benefits can often provide better returns than standard portfolios.

International Company Services

We provide the full range of company incorporation and management services, including the provision of Directors, Shareholders and Registered Office. Coriats also provides exceptional Non-Executive Director services.

Incorporation, Director and Shareholder services: we provide the full range of company incorporation and management services, including but not limited to-

  • Nominee Shareholder Services
  • Company Incorporation, including bespoke Articles if required;
  • Provision of Director and Company Secretary services;
  • Provision of nominee services, if required;
  • Company Administration services;
  • Provision of Registered office and Safe Custody services; and
  • Annual accounting services
  • Advising upon and building required Economic Substance requirements in accordance with modern legislation
  • Advising upon FATCA , CRS and related issues in conjunction with domestic advisors

Banking Services

Over the past 40+ years we have built strong relationships with investment advisers, international banks, accountants and law firms all over the world. This means that, as part of our  company services, we ensure that you can access international corporate banking facilities that work for your business.

  • Non-Executive Directors: We offer independent non-Executive Director services to our clients. Our Managing Director, David Stewart, is an experienced non-executive Director, and the former CEO of a major international professional services business.
  • Economic Substance: We are experienced in fulfilling the requirements of the Economic Substance legislation and regulations in the Turks and Caicos.

Other services

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