Asset Services

Investment Portfolio Supervision

Coriats has been responsible for oversight of diversified investment portfolios for four decades, and has considerable experience in working with investment managers, global custodians and independent performance analysts. We do not manage investments ourselves, and thus avoid any conflict of interest as we remain fully aligned with the family’s interests and well positioned to protect them. We also seek to add value through the careful selection of investment advisers and consideration of alternative asset classes and management strategies.

Asset Allocation

We often help families establish a disciplined investment process, participate in setting suitable asset allocations and discretionary ranges, and monitor performance against relevant benchmarks. This, we believe, is the key to success in investing. Our independence allows us to evaluate service providers without constraint, with a view to producing the best possible long-term results.

Property Services

We assist with the selection, purchase, upkeep, enjoyment and disposal of a wide variety of valuable properties around the world, including full accounting for the revenues (if any) and costs involved. Our professional staff have extensive experience in working with local lawyers and tax advisers to optimise overseas transactions.

Special Assets

Coriats are used to dealing with the particular considerations that apply to special assets such as aircraft, yachts, motor vehicles, works of art, internet presence, animals and collectibles. Coriats are able to offer ship, yacht and aircraft registration and financing services.

Transaction Services

The directors each have decades of involvement in major purchases, sales and financings. We aim to bring considerable expertise to any significant transaction in which our trusts or companies may be engaged or may be contemplating. Coriats have a substantial international network of relationships with accountants, lawyers, bankers, immigration professionals and real estate agents throughout the world, and are well able to help clients obtain finance, purchase or dispose of property or other assets, or to deliver integrated international tax planning solutions that are ethical and effective.

Business Services

Likewise, Coriats have long been a right-hand resource for entrepreneurs and have been responsible for management oversight of a variety of privately-held enterprises, including start-ups and established businesses.

Escrow Services

We often act as escrow agents or stakeholders in substantial transactions.

Other services